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Year: 2004
USA: First Look Pictures
Cast: George Calil, Wali Razaqi
Director: Christian Johnston
Country: USA
USA: 95 mins
USA Rated: R for language and violent images
USA Release Date: 24 September 2004 (Limited Release)


Less than a year after the terrorist attacks of September 11, a journalist/filmmaker and his crew snuck into Afghanistan to do a story on the bounty hunters tracking Osama Bin Laden. They wound up in Kabul asking questions and seeking information and finding themselves the only Americans in a city where Americans are hated.

The footage shot by this team of guerrilla filmmakers is the basis of SEPTEMBER TAPES, a harrowing, emotional story about one man's mission to discover the elusive truth about the war and 9/11. In this rare look behind-the-scenes of war-torn Afghanistan, the filmmaker, his cameraman, and their translator/guide find themselves traveling in the middle of a battleground, camera in hand, capturing raw footage and encountering dangerous Taliban fighters.

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