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Year: 2002
USA: Miracle Entertainment
Cast: Tatum O'Neal, Julian Sand, Tim Curry, Lacey Chabert, Eion Bailey, Patrick McCullough, Lance Spellerberg, Kurt Gerard, John McConnell, Michael Arata, Natalie Duet, Jade Galliano, Danielle Lagarde, Britney Levron
Director: Glen Pitre
Country: USA
USA: 99 mins
USA Release Date: 28 February 2003 (Limited Release - St. Louis, MO)


Filmed entirely on location in Louisiana along the bayous of Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes and set in writer/director Glen Pitre's home town of Cut Off, the film recounts true events and is based on true stories of World War II as German U-boats threatened the American coast sinking merchant ships in the Gulf of Mexico often within sight of land. Along the bayous of Louisiana neighbors fell under suspicion, prompting hunts for traitors suspected of helping the Germans - an episode of American history long forgotten.

THE SCOUNDREL'S WIFE, stars Academy Award Winner Tatum O'Neal, Julian Sands, Tim Curry, Eion Bailey, Lacey Chabert and Patrick McCullough.

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