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Year: 2004
USA: Lionsgate Films
UK: Entertainment Film Distributors
Cast: Cary Elwes, Danny Glover, Monica Potter, Michael Emerson, Tobin Bell, Ken Leung, Makenzie Vega, Shawnee Smith, Benito Martinez, Dina Meyer, Leigh Whannell, Ned Bellamy, Paul Gutrecht, Alexandra Chun, Avner Garbi, Mike Butters
Director: James Wan
Country: USA
UK: 102 mins
USA Rated: R for strong grisly violence and language (previously rated (NC-17) in 2004)
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong bloody violence and language
USA Release Date: 29 October 2004
UK Release Date: 1 October 2004


From the very first frame of Lion's Gate Films' terrifying new thriller, SAW, the audience is thrown into the unknown: two men wake up in a subterranean bathroom, both chained to the wall. They know only that one man must kill the other within eight hours or both will die.

Each victim in SAW is faced with a horrific choice on which his or her life rests. A man must escape from being buried alive by forcing himself through a web of flesh-cutting wires; a woman must kill another man to free herself from a steel head casing that is timed to tear off her jaw...

Recalling a recent murder investigation by a police detective named Tapp (Danny Glover), Dr Gordon realises he and Adam are the next victims of a psychopathic genius known only as "The Jigsaw."

With only a few hours left to spare, they must unravel the elaborate puzzle of their fate in the midst of mounting terror. The killer has provided them with only a few clues and two handsaws - too weak to break their steel shackles, but strong enough to cut through flesh and bone...

It's these games, masterminded by a killer known only as Jigsaw, which elevate SAW beyond traditional serial killer fare, lending a shocking sense of the macabre to the pervading atmosphere of terror.

An intense, complex thrill ride with a puzzle-like plot and a surprise ending that has earned screams from festival audiences, SAW has a visceral, uniquely human perspective on horror.


Released in two versions:

Director's & Writer's Commentary; Music Video by Fear Factory - Bite the Hand That Bleeds; Making of the Music Video

SAW - Uncut
Music Video by Fear Factory - Bite the Hand That Bleeds; Unrated Version of the Music Video; Making of the Music Video; 'Sawed Off' - Mini Featurette

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