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Year: 2004
USA: Samuel Goldwyn Films
Cast: Adam Butcher, Campbell Scott, Gordon Pinsent, Jennifer Tilly, Shauna MacDonald, Tamara Hope, Frank Crudele, Michael Kanev, Chris Ploszczansky, Paulette Sinclair, Lubica Kucerova, Ben Gans, Jock McLeod, Jeff Baxter, Daniel Karasik, Jonathan Walker, Keir Gilchrist, Jonathan Wilson, Rob Smith, Joan Massiah, Gerard Parkes, Boyd Banks, Henry Alessandroni, Fiona Highet, Brandon Barre, John Blakey, Naomi Emmerson, Sean Cullen, Barry Stilwell, Jonathan Higgins, Michael David Bown
Director: Michael McGowan
Country: Canada
USA: 98 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for some sexual content and partial nudity
USA Release Date: 5 August 2005 (Limited Release)


SAINT RALPH is a beautiful, bittersweet comedy of an awkward, ninth grade Catholic school boy who sets out to make a miracle happen. Believing a miracle can save his mother's life and having been told his winning the Boston Marathon would be "a miracle," Ralph begins training to win the famed race. Only after seeing his resolve and temerity, a conflicted Father Hibbert (Campbell Scott) trains the boy through his triumphant win at a local race and prepares him for the ultimate challenge.

A former Detroit Marathon winner ('85), writer/director Michael McGowan has crafted a heart-warming story with stellar performances from Campbell Scott and newcomer Adam Butcher as "Ralph". The film premiered at the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival.

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