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Year: 2006
USA: Eros Entertainment
Cast: Salman Khan, Kapil Jhaveri, Saloni Aswani, Prem Chopra, Ranjeet, Bobby Darling, Kiran Rathod, Johny Lever
Director: Sawan Kumar Tak
Country: India
Language: Hindi (English subtitles)
USA Release Date: 5 April 2006 (Limited Release)

US Distributor


Ironically, the story of the film unwinds against a background of two conflicting beliefs - destiny and - coincidence. The hero believes in destiny while the girl he loves, believes that everything in life is about sheer coincidence.

The two meet in Cape Town where and an intense love story blossoms between the two but tragedy strikes when the boy loses the girl. The lovelorn hero, who is desperate to get back to love, keeps yearning for her until the power above comes to his rescue and endows him with unique intuitive ability of foresight. That's when he meets his lover once again under mysterious circumstances and rescues her from an accident that he foresees.

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