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Year: 2006
UK: Missing In Action Films / Self Pictures LLC
Cast: Johnny Roe Jr, Virgie Marie Pennoui, Stanley Laviolette, John Maringouin
Director: John Maringouin
Country: USA
UK: 85 mins
UK Release Date: 27 July 2007 (Limited Release - London, ICA and key cities)

RUNNING STUMBLED is a filmmaker's ten day encounter in New Orleans with his long lost father from whom he has been estranged for 25 years. What sounds like an emotive set-up is actually the basis for a startling, bold and intense depiction of his father and step-mother's bizarre relationship and living conditions, that veers into FEAR AND LOATHING meets WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? territory.

Director John Maringouin's father Johnny Roe is a Dadaist painter, prescription drug addict, stalwart of the bizarre New Orleans 'scene' and a shadowy figure who tried to kill his son and wife, hence the reason they've been absent since John was three. This is bold, powerful, stylistically twisted cinema that Variety called 'a remarkable filmmaking debut'.

The Director

John Maringouin was born in New Orleans in 1973 and grew up in South Louisiana. He was directing SELF in which the director appears as a reckless seeker in the Texas suburbs, when he got a call that inspired him to start making RUNNING STUMBLED. The film premiered at Rotterdam Film Festival and has since gained international critical acclaim. In 2006 John was featured in Filmmaker Magazine as one of the "25 New Faces of Independent Film".

John's new documentary feature is in post-production. BIG RIVER MAN is about the world famous Slovenian swimmer Martin Strel, who has swum all the world's major rivers. This film chronicles his journey down the Amazon from Jan-April 2007, and a major US deal is in the process as they edit the film.

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