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Year: 2010
USA: Magnolia Pictures
UK: Optimum Releasing
Cast: Stephen Spinella, Jack Plotnick, Wings Hauser, Roxane Mesquida, Ethan Cohn, Charley Koontz, Daniel Quinn, Devin Brochu, Hayley Holmes, Haley Ramm, Cecelia Antoinette, David Bowe, Remy Thorne, Tara Jean O'Brien, Thomas F Duffy
Director: Quentin Dupieux
Country: France
USA: 85 mins
UK: 79 mins
USA Rated: R for some violent images and language
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong comic violence, gore and language
USA Release Date: 8 April 2011 (Limited Release - London, The Ritzy, Brixton)
UK DVD Release Date: 11 April 2011


Official Selection
2010 Cannes International Film Festival
2010 Fantastic Fest
2010 AFI Film Festival

RUBBER is the story of Robert, an inanimate tire that has been abandoned in the desert, and suddenly and inexplicably comes to life. As Robert roams the bleak landscape, he discovers that he possesses terrifying telepathic powers that give him the ability to destroy anything he wishes without having to move.

Initially he is content to prey on small desert creatures and discarded objects, but soon focuses on humans, especially a beautiful and mysterious woman who crosses his path. Leaving scenes of destruction in his wake, Robert becomes a chaotic force to be reckoned with…

Directed by legendary electro musician Quentin Dupieux (STEAK, NONFILM), aka Mr Oizo, RUBBER is a smart, funny and wholly original tribute to the cinematic concept of “no reason.”


Interview with Quentin Dupieux
Interview with Stephen Spinella
Interview with Jack Plotnick
Interview with Roxane Mesquida
First camera tests

Blu-Ray - running time: 82bmins

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