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Year: 2003
USA: Small Planet Pictures
Cast: Rockets Redglare, Gary Ray, Willem Dafoe, Matt Dillon, Jim Jarmusch, Steve Buscemi, Julian Schnabel, Nick Zedd, Rene Heras, Elizabeth English, Indian Larry, Alex Rockwell, Rachel Amodeo, Donald Baechler, M Henry Jones, Molly Griffith
Director: Luis Fernandez de la Reguera
Country: USA
USA: 89 mins
USA Release Date: 3 September 2004 (Limited Release - New York)


Rockets Redglare was a brilliant actor, seasoned con artist, best friend and bad influence. Though he never held a day job, Rockets counted actor (for directors such as Jim Jarmusch, Gus Van Sant and Steve Buscemi), model (for Julian Schanbel), bodyguard (to Jean Micheal Bisquiat), stand-up comedian (including a touring act with Steve Buscemi) and drug dealer (to Sid Vicious) among his crowning achievements, resulting in a life that even the highest-paid Hollywood screenwriter could never concoct.

Rockets' story is told with a little help from his friends including Steve Buscemi, Willem Dafoe, Matt Dillon, Jim Jarmusch, Julian Schnanbel, Gary Ray, Nick Zedd and Rene Heras.

Rockets appeared in over 30 films including STRANGER THAN PARADISE, IN THE SOUP, BIG and DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN. Interviews and archival footage of his stand-up performances take us into his world where irreverent comedy and a lust for life is simultaneously his triumph and downfall. He has traveled through some of the darkest worlds of decadence that have ever existed in New York City and struggles to find humor and dignity within. His fight to survive the emotional consequences of a traumatic childhood and live, despite the physical damage from years of alcohol, heroin and methadone, is his ultimate battle.

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