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Year: 2001
USA: Phaedra Cinema
Cast: John Viener, Christopher Lawford, Chef Tel, Paige Turco, Syd Field
Director: Bret Stern
USA: 83 mins
USA Release Date: 23 January 2001 (Limited Release)


Written and directed by Bret Stern ROAD TO PARK CITY depicts the na´ve, first-time filmmaker, John Viener. When it becomes evident to John that everyone on the block is making a film, he decides that he, too, can be the next Steven Spielberg. He soon decides that his goal is to make a film, and to not only enter, but to win the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, because as he says at one point in the film "how hard can that be?"

In a stylized fashion, the film documents John's often comedic journey in and around New York as he auditions actors, buys film stock, rents equipment, and learns the basics of the process. The audience learns along with John everything from what a Director of Photography does, to what is recan, to how to distribute a film.

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