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Year: 2007
USA: Samuel Goldwyn Films / Sony Pictures
UK DVD: Universal Pictures
Cast: Lucy Liu, Michael Chiklis, Carla Gucino, James D'Arcy, Robert Forster, Cameron Richardson, Allan Rich, Samantha Shelton, Kevin Wheatley, Margo Harshman, Cameron Goodman, Holt McCallany, Paul Cassell, Mako, Sam Cooper, Natsuko Ohama, Christina Stacey, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Isabella Gutierrez, Liana Perez, Simon Rex, Anastasia Baranova, Zach Gilford, Ashley Hinson, Fran Kranz, Samaire Armstrong, Marilyn Manson, Elden Henson, Nick Lachey, Christopher Allen Nelson
Director: Sebastian Gutierrez
Country: USA
USA: 94 mins
UK: 117 mins
USA Rated: Rated R for strong horror violence and gore, sexuality, nudity, language, and brief drug use
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong bloody gore
USA Release Date: 1 June 2007 (Limited Release)
UK DVD Release Date: 28 January 2008


By chance investigative reporter Sadie (Lucy Liu) uncovers a dark, underground cult that is luring young, unsuspecting Los Angeles hipsters to supposedly wild parties and instead leaves a trail of dead bodies in its wake. Probing these murders leaves her a victim as well and she wakes up in the morgue as a vampire craving blood.

Horrified at becoming an unwilling member of the terrifying undead, Sadie vows revenge against the sect that put her there. Striving to fight off her own unwanted but overwhelming craving for blood, she prowls the dark streets, armed with a vicious cross-bow, hell-bent on slaying the twisted vampires that made her into this nightmare creature of the night.

Continuing her investigation, she prowls the dark city streets determined to slay the warped vampires who left her like this and crosses paths with Detective Rawlins (Michael Chiklis) on his own revenge mission after his daughter became a victim of the same vampire cult.

The two join forces in this terrifying thriller from the producers of THE GRUDGE franchise.

With a strong storyline and a unique heroine in Sadie, now both a victim and a killer, Rise: Blood Hunter is a compelling thriller that twists and turns through a web of horror, deceit, murder, sex and gore. Lucy Liu delivers a brilliant performance as her character is by turns confused, fearful, desperate, driven, brutal, ruthless, cruel, humane and compassionate. A far cry from her earlier films, Liu embraces the role and will have horror fans mesmerised with her piercing sexuality and drive for revenge.

Writer / director Sebastian Gutierrez manages to maintain a healthy balance between the gore and dramatic storytelling that delivers a depth of plot alongside the blood-lust and feasting of his villainous vampires.


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