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Year: 2001
UK: Romulus Films
Cast: James D'Arcy, Natasha Wightman, Terence Stamp, Udo Kier, Derek Jacobi, Charlotte Weston, Liam Cunningham, Heathcote Williams, Celia Imrie, Ron Moody, Sidney Kean, Diran Meghreblian
Director: Stuart Urban
Country: UK
UK: 110 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and moderate horror and violence
UK Release Date: 12 April 2002


A relic has been fought over by the forces of light and darkness for two thousand years. Missing for centuries, the sacred artefact turns up in the back of a camper van in 2001. A powerful secret society is slaughtering innocents to get hold of it.

To discover and understand the relic, the ancient arts of sacred geometry, astrology and alchemy must be combined with modern cyber skills and cryptography.

Billionaire mogul Magnus Martel (Terence Stamp) is desperate to find and destroy the relic, reluctantly aided by his estranged son Jake (James D'Arcy), a computer decoding expert, and Mira (Natasha Wightman), a student of alchemy.

The hunt takes the protagonists from Britain to France, Malta and Greece. Their dangerous journey also becomes a voyage of self-discovery and personal fulfilment.

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