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Year: 2002
USA: Walt Disney Pictures
UK: Buena Vista International UK
Cast: Blayne Weaver, Harriet Owen, Corey Burton, Jeff Bennett, Kath Soucie, Jim Cummings, Frank Welker, Dan Castellaneta, Quinn Beswick, Spencer Breslin, Andrew McDonough, Rob Paulsen, Bradley Pierce, Roger Rees, Clive Revill, Aaron Spann
Directors: Robin Budd, Donovan Cook
Country: USA
USA & UK: 72 mins
USA Rated: G
UK Certificate: U contains mild violence
USA Release Date: 15 February 2002
UK Release Date: 22 March 2002


RETURN TO NEVER LAND opens a new chapter in Walt Disney's classic, Peter Pan, as once more we take a magical journey to a place where we never grow old. And if some years have passed since last we visited, that wonderful world is unchanged. Peter Pan is there - along with Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, and villainous Captain Hook. But Wendy has come home and grown up and now has children of her own.

World War II is raging and London has become a battleground. Wendy tries to comfort her young ones with stories of the remarkable place she used to know: Danny loves the bedtime tales - but 12 year-old Jane is a practical child with no patience for this nonsense. In a world torn by war, Jane sees no room for faith, and trust, and make-believe. Or at least until she's kidnapped by Captain Hook and whisked off to Never Land!

Hook, mistaking her for Wendy, plans to use Jane as bait to capture Peter Pan - but Peter rescues Jane from the villains clutches and a rollicking adventure is underway. With Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys at their side, Peter and Jane ultimately defeat the old pirate and Jane, at last, finds hope alive within her. She now understands that imagination has a powerful magic - and many things are possible with faith, trust and a little pixie dust.

Starring the voices of Blayne Weaver as Peter Pan, Harriet Owen as Jane, Corey Burton as Captain Hook and Kath Soucie as Wendy and the Narrator, in addition to the voice talents of Jim Cummings and Frank Welker.

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