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Year: 2006
UK: Warner Bros Pictures International UK
Cast (voices of): Freddie Prinze Jr, Evan Rachel Wood, Donal Logue, John Rhys-Davies, Fran Drescher, R Lee Ermey, Andy Dick, Rob Schneider, Jimmy Bennett, Bruno Alexander, Reedy Gibbs, Richard Epcar, Trent Ford, Dylan Cash, Mel Rodriguez, Brice Beckham, Michael Cornacchia, Kirk Zipfel, Joel Michaely, David Fickas, Megahn Perry, Matthew Rauch, Tahnee Shah, Tia Shah
Directors: Kyung Ho Lee, John Fox, Howard Baker
Countries: USA / South Korea
UK: 78 mins
UK Certificate: U contains mild comic violence
UK Release Date: 9 February 2007


Get ready to root for the little guy in this big blue adventure under the sea!

When Pi (Freddie Prinze Jr), an ordinary fish from Boston, arrives at the exotic reef to live with his Aunt Pearl (Fran Drescher), he is immediately attracted to Cordelia (Evan Rachel Wood), the fish of his dreams.

There's just one big problem in the form of Troy, the meanest shark in the ocean, who not only patrols the reef keeping is community in fear of becoming his next meal, but also has his eye on Cordelia and wants her for himself.

Pi must join up with his new group of friends if he stands any chance of outwitting Troy and his henchmen, save the reef and win Cordelia.

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