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Year: 2006
USA: Capricorn Pictures
Cast: Ray McKinnon, Lisa Blount, Burt Reynolds, Bill Nunn, Paul Ben-Victor, Brent Briscoe, Walton Goggins Tim DeKay, Sam Frihart
Director: Ray McKinnon
Country: USA
USA Rated: PG for thematic elements, mild violence, language and momentary smoking
USA Release Date: 21 September 2007 (Limited Release - New York and Los Angeles)


Comedy RANDY AND THE MOB is the story of Randy Pearson (McKinnon), who can't seem to avoid getting in over his head. When his latest scheme keeping his businesses going ends disastrously a long-standing debt becomes due to a couple of low level Italian mobsters.

Forced into action, Randy desperately needs a helping hand from his baton-teaching wife (Lisa Blount); his estranged, gay twin brother (also played by McKinnon), and Tino Armani (THE SHIELD's Walton Goggins), a mysterious modern day prophet.

From Academy Award winning director Ray McKinnon, RANDY AND THE MOB was shot on location in and around Atlanta, and is a powerful reminder of the strength of Southern roots, where love and family can usually be counted on to trump all adversities.

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