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Year: 2008
USA: Lionsgate
UK: Sony Pictures Releasing
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Julie Benz, Matthew Marsden, Graham McTavish, Rey Gallegos, Jake La Botz, Tim Kang, Maung Maung Khin, Paul Schulze
Director: Sylvester Stallone
Countries: USA / Germany
USA & UK: 91 mins
USA Rated: R for strong graphic bloody violence, sexual assaults, grisly images and language
UK Certificate: 18 contains very strong bloody violence
USA Release Date: 25 January 2008
UK Release Date: 22 February 2008
UK DVD Release Date: 23 June 2008


He's back! Sylvester Stallone (Rocky, Cliffhanger) reprises his role as the ex-Vietnam hero in the explosive fourth instalment of RAMBO.

Having survived many a treacherous campaign, Vietnam vet John Rambo (Stallone) has withdrawn to lead a simple life in a remote Thai village near the Burmese border. A group of Christian missionaries plead with him to ferry them into the war-torn neighbouring country to deliver much needed aid to the downtrodden Karen people. Reluctantly Rambo agrees to make the dangerous journey and the missionaries head off into the remote jungle. Having finally reached their destination the missionaries are attacked and kidnapped when the village they are staying in is raided by government soldiers led by the sadistic Major Pa Tee Tint (Maung Maung Khin).

When they fail to return, Rambo leads a team of crack mercenaries back into the jungle on a mission to rescue the captives with explosive consequences. The team including Lewis (Graham McTavish) and sniper Schoolboy (Matthew Marsden, RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION, BLACK HAWK DOWN) raid the enemy camp with devastating effect which leads to the mother of all fights taking place and Rambo back doing what he does best, killing!

Written and directed by Stallone, Rambo features some of the bloodiest battle scenes ever seen on screen and includes adrenaline-fuelled action throughout. Packed full of exciting extras the DVD includes commentaries with Stallone and a host of featurettes including "It's a Long Road: The Resurrection of an Icon", "Preparing a Warrior: Finishing Rambo" and "Legacy of Despair: The Real Struggle of Myanmar." The Blu-ray release also boasts an array of exclusive extras including Picture in Picture commentary with STALLONE and branching featurettes on the casting, shooting and visual FX. The release is also available as part of a fantastic 1-4 DVD box set containing all four of the iconic action films.


Audio Commentary with Sylvester Stallone
Featurettes include:
It's a Long Road: The Resurrection of an Icon
Courage and Inspiration: The Musical Legacy of Jerry Goldsmith
Preparing a Warrior: Finishing Rambo
The Weaponry of Rambo
A Hero's Welcome: The Rambo Premier and Reaction
Legacy of Despair: The Real Struggle of Myanmar

Blu-ray Exclusive Extras - All DVD Added Value (above)
Picture in picture commentary with Sylvester Stallone
Branching featurettes:
Snake Sale (Casting)
Burmese Pirates (Shooting)
Helping People (Production Design)
Rambo's Dream Sequences (Editing)
With the Mercs (Casting)
Rambo's Arrow Attack (Visual FX)
Nuclear Claymore (Visual FX)
Rambo Returns (Visual FX)

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