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Year: 2002
USA: Miramax Films
UK: Buena Vista International
Cast: Everlyn Sampi, Tianna Sansbury, Kenneth Branagh, Jason Clarke, David Gulpililk, Laura Monaghan, Ningali Lawford, Myarn Lawford, Roy Billing, Deborah Mailman, Natasha Wanganeen, Garry McDonald, Lorna Leslie, Celine O'Leary, Kate Roberts, Tracy Monaghan, Tamara Flanagan, David Ngoombujarra, Anthony Hayes, Andrew S Gilbert, Sheryl Carter, Heath Bergersen, Trevor Jamieson, Edwina Bishop, Kerilee Meuris, Andrew Martin, Ken Radley, Don Barker, Carmel Johnson, David Buchanan, Richard Carter, Fiona Gregory, Reggie Wanganeen, Glenys Sampi, Kizzy Flanagan, Antonia Sampi, Maurice Kelly, Elsie Thomas, Rosie Goodji, Jewess James
Director: Phillip Noyce
Country: Australia
USA: 94 mins
UK: 93 mins
USA Rated: PG for emotional thematic material
UK Certificate: PG contains mild emotional intensity
USA Release Date: 29 November 2002 (Limited Release)
UK Release Date: 8 November 2002 (Limited Release)


Set in 1930's Western Australia and based on actual events, RABBIT-PROOF FENCE is the story of three young aboriginal girls, Molly Craig, her sister Daisy, and their cousin Gracie, who are forcibly taken from their mothers as part of a programme to integrate aborigines into white Australian society.

The three children are relocated to a government institution, Moore River Native Settlement, which is situated over a 1000 miles from their home in Jigalong. At Moore River Native Settlement after a visit from Western Australia's Chief Protector of Aborigines, Mr A O Neville (Kenneth Branagh), Molly plots their escape.

Taking Daisy and Gracie with her she knows the rabbit proof fence, which stretches the length of Western Australia, will be their guide for their dangerous return journey to Jigalong. Neville though is equally determined to recapture them and informs the police and an aboriginal tracker - just to add to their plight.

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