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Year: 2001
USA: Sony Pictures Classics
Cast: Jia Hongshen, Chai Xiuling, Jia Fengsen, Wang Tong, Xing S
Director: Zhang Yang
Country: China
Language: Mandarin (English subtitles)
USA: 112 mins
USA Rated: R for drug content
USA Release Date: 13 September 2002 (Limited Release)


From the director and producer of SHOWER, QUITTING is based on the true story of the life of Chinese actor Jia Hongsheng. A rising film star from the late 1980's he moved on from appearing in Chinese B movies where he made his name, to a theatre production of KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN. Here he started to use drugs, which had an adverse effect on his mental state and lead him in to state of despair to the extent that he stopped acting and withdraw from society including his family and friends.

His parents who belonged to a small theatre group in northeast China became so alarmed by their son's behaviour that they quit their theatre company and moved to Beijing to be with him. QUITTING follows his quest to beat his drug addiction and regain control of his life. Every character in QUITTING is played by a real person who was part of Jia Hongsheng's life.

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