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Year: 1999
UK: Steon Films
Cast: Sean Maguire, Rita Tushingham, Danny Midwinter, Josephine Butler, Phil Cornwell, Nicholas Ball, Peter de Jersey, Leigh Lawson, Gregor Trutor, David Battley, Karen Seacombe, Clive Russell, Crispin Letts, Paul Corrigan, Ian Bramble, Petra Markham, Phillip Herbert, John Scott Martin, William Ely, Lucy Bowen, Virginia Fiol, Neil Caple, Christopher Snell, Isla Fisher
Director: Simon Marshall
Country: UK
UK: 98 mins
UK Certificate: 18 for coarse language and strong violence
UK Release Date: 29 June 2001


OUT OF DEPTH tells the tragic story of misguided good intentions, of family love and of the personal hopes and fears that lay behind several gangland killings.

Paul Nixon (Sean Maguire) has grown up with the poverty and violence that is part and parcel of life in certain parts of London. Now in his twenties Paul has a job in the media and an 'it-girl' girlfriend, Sarah (Josephine Butler). He is on his way up. When his mother (Rita Tushington) is attacked, however, instinct tells Paul that he must exact revenge, but when the professional villain he hires to carry out the beating asks for a favour in return, Paul is sucked into a life of drugs, violence and death.

Based on a true story, OUT OF DEPTH is a hard-hitting, contemporary, character-based thriller.

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