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Year: 2007
USA: Magnolia Pictures
UK: Pathe Distribution
Cast: Sean Bean, Danny Dyer, Rupert Friend, Sean Harris, Lennie James, Walter Lewis, Sally Bretton, Joe Jackson, Igor Breakenback, James Farrell, Emily Maitlis, Sonic Rainer, Shane Reese, Ethan Wilson, Rory Pettyjohns, Kate Lewington, Bashkim Latifi, Georgina Bowman, George Anton, Dave Legeno, Rob Fry, Ryan Gage, Andrew Parfitt, Paul McNeilly, Marc Highcazony, Pascoe Willis, Budgie Burgess, Olivia Lumley, John Standing, Brian Morgan, Daniel Naylor, Lee Jackson, Simon Naylor, Paul Stokes, Larry David, Jamie MacDermott, Tom White, Kirk Jones, David Weare, Dominic Young, Andrew Clover, Daryn Soards, Darrell Heath, Rohan Siva, Mike Burnside
Director: Nick Love
Country: UK
USA: 103 mins
UK: 105 mins
USA Rated: R for violence, pervasive language and brief sexuality/nudity
UK Certificate: 18 contains very strong and racist language
USA Release Date: 14 December 2007 (Limited Release)
UK Release Date: 9 March 2007
US Distributor

London: present day.

In lawless streets the guilty are left unhindered to go about their business. Returning from a tour of duty in Iraq, former Paratrooper Bryant (Sean Bean) is appalled by what he sees in a country he no longer recognises. Determined to do something about it, he assembles a group of like minded souls who resolve to restore the balance between right and wrong, good and evil, enforcing justice with a brutality to match that of the once unpunished, unsuspecting wrongdoers. But when the law of the land is co-opted in this way, who decides when enough is enough?

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