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Year: 2011
USA: The Weinstein Company
Cast: Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer, Rashida Jones, Nick Sullivan, Bob Stephenson, Peter Hermann, Adam Scott, Steve Coogan, Kathryn Hahn, T J Miller, Kelly Briter, Shirley Knight, Matthew Mindler, Sterling Brown, Hugh Dancy
Director: Jesse Peretz
Country: USA
USA: 90 mins
USA Rated: R for sexual content including nudity, and for language throughout
USA Release Date: 26 August 2011


In the upcoming film OUR IDIOT BROTHER, lovable idiot Ned (Paul Rudd) gets arrested, leaving his dog Willie Nelson behind. Now, Willie Nelson is searching all over New York City for his idiot owner. So far, Willie Nelson has visited Times Square, Grand Central and the Yankee Stadium without any luck.

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