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Year: 2001
USA: Excel Entertainment Group
Cast: Christopher Gorham, Anne Hathaway, Joe Folau, Miriama Smith, John Sumner, Paki Cherrington, Whetu Fala, Alvin Fitisemanu, Nathaniel Lees, Pua Magasiva, Apii McKinley, John Paekau, Glynis Paraha, Peter Sa'ena Brown
Director: Mitch Davis
Country: USA
USA: 113 mins
USA Release Date: 12 April 2002 (Limited Release)
USA Release Date: 21 December 2001 (Wider Limited Release - Utah)
USA Release Date: 14 December 2001 (Limited Release - Utah)


This romantic coming of age story is based on the memoirs of John H Groberg, who served as a missionary in the remote Tonga islands in the late 1950s.

having been raised in the farming community of Idaho Falls, this 20 year-old had barely seen the ocean let alone crossed it at the time of his assignment.

This film follows John Groberg's adventure-filled journey from boy to man as he strives to fulfill the expectations of the Polynesians he has been called to teach. More often than not, the teacher becomes the student as we are poignantly reminded that finding oneself can be the longest journey of all.

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