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Year: 2006
USA & UK: Sony Pictures Releasing
Cast (voices of): Martin Lawrence, Ashton Kuchter, Debra Messing, Billy Connolly, Gary Sinese, Jon Favreau, Patrick Warburton, Georgia Engel, Jane Krakowski, Gordon Tootoosis, Cody Cameron, Nika Futterman, Danny Mann, Jack McGee, Michelle Murdocca, Fergal Reilly, Kirk Baily, Matthew Taylor
Directors: Roger Allers; Jill Culton; Anthony Stacchi
Country: USA
USA: 100 mins
UK: 86 mins
USA Rated: PG for some rude humor, mild action and brief language
UK Certificate: PG contains mild threat and comic violence
USA Release Date: 29 September 2006
UK Release Date: 13 October 2006


An animated action-adventure comedy OPEN SEASON is Sony Pictures first feature-length venture and stars Boog (Martin Lawrence), as an ex-circus bear who is a happily domesticated grizzly living an idyllic existence in the tranquil mountain town of Timberline. He spends his days as the star of the town's nature show and his nights living luxuriously in the garage of Park Ranger Beth (Debra Messing) who has raised him since he was a cub.

But every town has its bully and Timberline's is the paranoid uber-hunter Shaw (Gary Sinise) who believes that animals are conspiring against humans. Screeching into town one day he parks next door to Boog's truck with a one-horned mule deer Elliot (Ashton Kutcher) strapped to the hood. Despite Elliot's pleas for help, Boog reluctantly gets involved and releases Elliot - never expecting to see him again.

Elliot however has other plans and follows Boog home hoping to return the favour when he sees him being locked up in a garage for the night. Elliot then proceeds to introduce Boog to an unfamiliar world of sweet temptations and when Boog's true instincts being to emerge they leave a trail of destruction behind them as they rampage through the usually peaceful town. Tranquillized the two troublemakers are reluctantly relocated by Beth into the wild way up in the mountains only too aware that its only three days before the start of open season - and the arrival of Shaw along with all the other hunters descending on Timberline!

Synopsis IMAX

Audiences will be in for a wild IMAX® 3D adventure through the wilderness with Columbia Pictures' animated family adventure OPEN SEASON. The film will be released in IMAX 3D simultaneously with the motion picture's premiere in conventional cinemas. OPEN SEASON has been digitally converted into IMAX 3D and re-mastered into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® through IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-mastering) technology.

OPEN SEASON: An IMAX 3D Experience marks the second IMAX DMR release for Sony Pictures Entertainment, following the studio's 2004 release SPIDER-MAN® 2: The IMAX Experience. The large 15/70 film frame and spectacular IMAX 3D effects will provide moviegoers with a completely immersive cinematic experience - ducking as acorns fly overhead and feeling the roller-coaster-like thrill of going over waterfalls.

bonds with a deer to gather the animal team together, to rally up against hunters and hunt them!

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