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Year: 2004
USA: Polychrome Pictures
Cast: Anny Mariano, Judy Marte, Paola Mendoza, Dominic Colón, Clarence "Don" Hutchinson, Flaco Navaja, Lee Brock, Autumn Collier, Levon Fickling, Kamilah Forbes, Ana "Rok" Garcia, Kim Howard, Nikki Jean, Gandhja Monteiro, Hannah Schick, Shanaine Osbourne, Julian Mohamed, Maribel Lizardo, Gabriel Noble, Edward O'Blenis, Adepero Oduye, Edward "Punky" Pagan, Be'Born Ricks, Danny Rivera, Earl Thomason, Gloria Zelaya
Directors: Lori Silverbush, Michael Skolnik
Country: USA
USA: 83 mins
USA Rated: R for pervasive language, strong drug use, some violence and sexual
USA Release Date: 20 January 2006 (Limited Release)


ON THE OUTS is a provocative, hard-hitting look at three young girls from the same neighborhood who make all the wrong choices for reasons even they don't understand. A fictional film based on real stories of girls from the streets and juvenile jail who lent their voices and unique stories to the filmmakers, ON THE OUTS represents girls everywhere who struggle with all of the highs and lows of teenage life in an inner-city world that makes its own rules.

Oz (Judy Marte, RAISING VICTOR VARGAS) is a tough, 17 year old drug dealer with her own corner and the street's respect. As she struggles to keep her family intact, she must come to terms with her mother, a recovering crack addict who struggles to stay clean, her mentally challenged brother who idolizes her, a victim and daily reminder of her mother's drug abuse, and her grandmother's disapproval of the life she leads. Suzette (Anny Mariano) is the sheltered 15 year-old daughter of a single mother, whose first teenage crush on the wrong boy has life-changing repercussions. And Marisol, (Paola Mendoza) a 17 year-old single mother, who fights the demons of her own drug abuse and the uncompromising world of foster care as she struggles to keep her child.

ON THE OUTS takes a long hard look at the lives of young people in America today and the family and social environments that shape their choices and the world in which they live.

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