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Year: 2004
UK: Asia TV (Zee TV) / Sihouette Films International
Cast: Vikram Chatwal, Gabriella Wright, Smriti Mishra, Trevor Stevens, Benoît Soles, Lakshantha Abenayake, Eric Moreau, Raghav Suri, Yashodhara Suri
Director: Vijay Singh
Countries: France / India / UK
Language: English (with some French / Hindi / Punjabi)
UK: 89 mins
UK Certificate: 12A contains strong language and moderate sex references
UK Release Date: 23 September 2005


Nishan (Vikram Chatwal), a young and enterprising Sikh arrives in Paris having left everything he possessed behind him and looking for political refuge.

Overwelmed by his new life he makes new friends some of whom have rather ingenious jobs. Nisan hits on the idea of making and selling cheap Indian food setting up a mobile kitchen called 'One Dollar Curry'.

He then meets an ambitious, young TV journalist Nathalie (Gabriella Wright) who is looking for just the right story that she can project her career further with and sees an opportunity with Nishan.

However just as Nishan and Nathalie begin to take their relationship one step further and start to get close, Yamini (Smriti Mishra), Nishan's fiancee arrives...

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