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Year: 2002
UK: Pathe Distribution
Cast: Richard Roxburgh, Justine Waddell, Jonathan Cake, Patsy Kensit, Michael Hodgson, Aisling O'Sullivan, Kerry Rolfe, Donna Air, Angel Thomas, Charlie Hardwick, Tracy Gillman, Tom Goodman Hill, Trevor Fox, Joe Caffrey, Judi Earl, David Begg, Joan Murphy, Gavin Muir, Louise Franklin
Director: Simon Cellan Jones
Countries: UK / France
UK: 91 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and moderate sex
UK Release Date: 21 February 2003


When Stevie (Justine Waddell) meets Neil (Richard Roxburgh) on the day he comes to deliver her brand new 'Tongue & Groovy' kitchen, it's already too late for love at first sight - too late for both of them! Stevie's already five minutes pregnant by her Italian footballer husband Sonny (Jonathan Cake). And too late for Neil too - his wife Jenny (Aisling O'Sullivan) has already sent off for an African child for them to adopt.

But too late or otherwise, love at first sight is exactly what happens.

When Jenny, Neil's wife is suddenly killed by a baker's van, Neil finds himself struggling to look after his new daughter alone, and though officially in mourning for his wife, his heart stills yearns for Stevie.

To make matters worse, Neil's best mate Stan (Michael Hodgson) has a frenzied one night stand with Stevie's best mate Stella (Patsy Kensit), triggered by a passionate encounter in Asda! Though Stan is a complete slob and Stella officially a lesbian, love lurks in every corner and the pair find it hard to resist each other.

Meanwhile Stevie is suffering at the hands of her love rat husband. Flash and good looking but stupid and arrogant, Sonny cheats on her with a beautician (Donna Air) and then forces her to live in a completely unfurnished home. It's up to Neil to save her, but can Neil avoid the persistent advances of his sister-in-law who has decided to 'look after him' since Jenny's death? Will the slimy Sonny get his comeuppance? And can Neil win Stevie's heart?

The process of Neil and Stevie getting out of their mistaken marriages and into each other's arms is funny, painful and poignant in this comedy of regeneration set on the banks of the Tyne, where an entire city seems to be reinventing itself for the new century.

THE ONE AND ONLY is a warm, sharp, and ultimately feel good comedy - with several secret weapons. With honesty, directness and humour, the film keys into the trickiness and frustration of relationships that started for the right reasons but faded slowly into constricting lifestyles.


DVD Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 (Widescreen 16x9)
DVD Sound Quality: 5.1 Dolby Digital
DVD Subtitles: English for the hearing impaired
DVD Features
Deleted Scenes
Through The Lens, a series of alternate takes
Theatrical trailer

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