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Year: 2010
UK: Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment
Cast: Gary Oldman (narrator)
Director: James Erskine
Country: UK
UK: 97 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains one use of very strong language
UK Release Date: 7 May 2010
UK DVD Release Date: 31 May 2010


“Gazza cried, and football changed forever…”

Spring 1990

With an unpopular premier and in the midst of the recession, England is struggling to cope with civil strife, and London’s streets are being ravaged by poll tax rioters. Meanwhile, the rest of the world wakes up to a new dawn, the Berlin Wall has fallen, Mandela walks free from prison, and the Soviet Union is in its death throes. And to celebrate this new world order, there is Italia '90.

The West Germans are playing for the last time as a divided nation and arrive as favourites, while reigning champions Argentina are led by the pantomime villain Maradona. England are the one guest no one wants to invite, as their football is medieval, their manager considered a national joke, and their fans are hooligans. Behind barbed wire fences on the remote island of Sardinia, the players, managers and fans must overcome their own demons, in order to see the rebirth of their reputations, of English football and even the perception of England.

Over the course of six weeks, led by the reinvigorated Bobby Robson and the mercurial Gascoigne, this small band of brothers overcome scandal, political intrigue and even the mighty Dutch, to reach a semi-final in Turin - the home of Juventus football team.

ONE NIGHT IN TURIN is constructed from unseen archive footage and specially shot imagery by Sundance award-winning cinematographer Lol Crawley. Set to a sound track includes the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and Pavarotti, this film will recreate the mood of 1990, English football's greatest adventure of foreign soil in the build-up to this summer's "greatest show on Earth".

Based on bestseller, All Played Out by Pete Davies, the film is directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker James Erskine.

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