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Year: 2009
USA: Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures
UK: Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures
Cast: John Travolta, Robin Williams, Seth Green, Kelly Preston, Matt Dillon, Dax Shepard, Justion Long, Rita Wilson, Lori Loughlin, Conner Rayburn, Ella Bleu Travolta, Bernie Mac, Ann-Margret, Amy Sedaris, Residente, Saburo Shimono, Kevin W Yamada, Kevin Dean-Hackett, Laura Allen, Sam Travolta
Margaret Travolta
Director: Walt Becker
Country: USA
USA & UK: 88 mins
USA Rated: PG for some mild rude humor
UK Certificate: PG contains mild slapstick violence
USA Release Date: 25 November 2009
UK Release Date: 19 March 2010


Two best friends, one unlucky-in-love divorcee, Dan (Robin Williams), and the other, Charlie (John Travolta), a fun loving bachelor, have their lives turned upside down when they're unexpectedly charged with the care of 6 year-old twins, Emily and Zac, while on the verge of the biggest business deal of their lives.

The not-so-kid-savvy bachelors stumble in their efforts to take care of the twins (newcomers Ella Bleu Travolta and Conner Rayburn), leading to one debacle after another, and perhaps to a newfound understanding of what's really important in life.

Director Walt Becker and John Travolta reunite for this original comedy. The pair first worked together in the 2007 hit film WILD HOGS. Travolta's daughter Ella Bleu makes her feature film debut as one of the twins. Travolta's wife Kelly Preston also stars in the film - marking the first time the couple has appeared in the same film in more than 20 years.

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