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Year: 2000
UK: Guerilla Films
Cast: Susannah Harker, Andrew Lincoln, Shaun Parkes, Andrew Rajan, Paula O'Grady, Marion Bailey, Michael Cochrane, Sophie Dix, Sean Gallagher, Jesse Hopkins, Rachel Angol, Louise Delamere, Sarah Coomes, Steve Mangan, Adrian Pang, Paul Chan, Michelle Gomez, Nina Wadia, Natasha Bain, Elaine Lordan, Mick Andrew, Stephen Jenn, Nicola Grier, Bert Caesar, Steve Haywood, John Pickard, Luca (the sheep)
Director: Andrew Rajan
Country: UK
UK: 93 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains drug use and strong language
UK Release Date: 19 April 2002


How could you cope if you were suddenly confronted by your very own Guardian Angel, who can read your mind and is there to help you sort out your life?

This is the question Baggy and Sam have to answer one summer's day,
after yet another night on the town...

Sam and Baggy share a terraced house in London. Baggy has given up a lucrative job in the city for an existence of couch domination, punctuated by random acts of sexual conquest. Sam's attempts at real life have been even less grown-up. He had a job as a department store security guard, but he lost it when Baggy used the premises as a pit stop for some nookie with a married woman.

For fun, Sam and Baggy play cricket, visit the pub, watch porn and, on occasion, urinate in the street. It's not much of a life, but it's better than coal mining. However, Sam secretly wants to be a singer and might just have a deeper interest in his friend Alison than he's willing to admit. Baggy? He's never been able to trust a girl since his fiancee jilted him - besides, married women seem safer. Of course, commitment is a lot harder than smoking a joint or sipping a cup of tea.

So Sam and Baggy's guardian angels, Zeke and Paris, are assigned to lend their mortal wards a bit of direction. The trouble is that neither heavenly host has much practice at this sort of thing - Sam's guardian used to be a dolphin and Baggy's was a squirrel. It's an unusual situation by any standards, but where there's hope, there's an opportunity for Sam and Baggy to make a complete balls-up of things...

OFFENDING ANGELS is a romantic comedy starring:
Susannah Harker as Paris - Guardian Angel to Sam. Used to be a dolphin....
Andrew Lincoln as Sam - best friend and flatmate of Baggy, Sam tries his best to hold down a job and do the right thing. However he's too easily lead astray.
Shaun Parkes as Zeke - Guardian Angel to Baggy. Used to be a squirrel....
Andrew Rajan as Baggy - troubled but well meaning, Baggy owns a flat but doesn't pay the mortgage. He's determined to waste away his life as hard as he can and at the expense of others.
Paula O'Grady as Alison - friend of Sam and ex of Baggy, Alison is totally mystified by the boys' new flatmates.

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