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Year: 2009
USA: Warner Bros Pictures
UK: Warner Bros Pictures International UK
Cast: Seth Rogen, Anna Faris, Ray Liotta, Michael Pena, Jesse Plemons, Dan Bakkedahl, John Yuan, Matt Yuan, Celia Weston, Collette Wolfe, Randy Gambill, Alston Brown, Cody Midthunder, Danny McBride, Milos Milicevic
Director: Jody Hill
Country: USA
USA & UK: 86 mins
USA Rated: R for pervasive language, graphic nudity, drug use, sexual content and violence
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language, violence, hard drug use, sex and nudity
USA Release Date: 10 April 2009
UK Release Date: 24 April 2009

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Ronnie Barnhardt (Seth Rogen), head of security at Forest Ridge Mall, has nil tolerance for unruly behaviour when on patrol whether it's from skateboarders, shoplifters or the occasional difficult customer. Ronnie's secret aspiration is to swap his flashlight for a gun and enrol at the police academy, so when the mall is struck by a flasher, Ronnie seizes the opportunity to demonstrate his unappreciated law enforcement talents.

Driven by ulterior motives - to realise his ambition and also to impress Brandi (Anna Faris), the sultry make-up counter assistant, who won't give him the time of day - Ronnie's single-mindedness is suddenly put to the test by the equally competitive Detective Harrison (Ray Liotta). Ronnie rises to the challenge of not only nabbing the flasher, but also catching him before the police do.

Written and directed by Jody Hill (THE FOOT FIST WAY), the film was shot on location in Winrock Mall, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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