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Year: 2007
USA: Image Entertainment
UK: Scanbox Entertainment
Cast: Matthew Perry, Barry W Levy, Lynn Collins, Mary Steenburgen, Kevin Pollak, Bob Gunton, Helen Shaver, William B Davis, Ben Ratner, Noah Danby, Monique Ganderton, Mark Acheson, Patricia Harras, Brad Ganes, Ingrid Torrance, Brian George, Graham Kosakoski, Jovanna Huguet, Burkely Duffield, Suzanne Serwatuk, Angela Besharah, Jerry Rector, Ben Ayres, Donny Lucas
Director: Harris Goldberg
Countries: Canada / USA
USA & UK: 93 mins
USA Rated: R for language, some drug use and sexual content/nudity
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language, sex references and mental illness theme
USA DVD Release Date: 13 May 2008
UK Release Date: 13 June 2008 (Limited Release - London, ICA)



Screenwriter Hudson Milbank (Matthew Perry), who is suffering from acute depersonalisation disorder, is convinced that he's going insane. But he's just met the perfect girl (Lynn Collins, THE LAKE HOUSE) and struggles to be his most charming self. Meanwhile, he frantically seeks a cure for his anxieties and goes through a string of therapists who turn out to be crazier than him.

Co-starring Kevin Pollak (THE USUAL SUSPECTS) and AcademyŽ Award winner Mary Steenburgen as the hilarious lusty psychiatrist Dr Cheryl Blaine, NUMB will warm the heart of anybody who has ever teetered on the edge of a breakdown. Director Harris Goldberg is known for very broad Hollywood fare, but here he draws on personal experience to craft a witty and sensitive character comedy.

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