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Year: 2002
USA: Illuminare Entertainment
Cast: Mia Kirshner, Adam Beach, Gordon Tootoosis, Theresa Russell, Gabriel Olds, Callum Keith Rennie, Simon Baker, Alexandra Purvis, Nicholas Treeshin, Benson McCulloch, Rob Roy, Lyndon Linklater, Bernelda Wheeler, Dan MacDonald, Kent Allen, Calvert Chiefcalf, Louisa Ferguson, Collin Semenoff, David Millbern
Director: Bob Clark
Country: Canada
USA: 101 mins
USA Release Date: 19 August 2005 (Limited Release)


NOW & FOREVER is a thought provoking dramatic love story combining elements of spirituality, heart and integrity...tragic in one sense, but illuminating and uplifting in the other. As children, John Myron, (Adam Beach) and Angela Wilson (Mia Kirshner) form a powerful bond born on loneliness. They are guided by their friendship and by the First Nations spirituality that binds John's people together.

As they mature into adulthood, Angela sets into motion a series of events that will forever change both their lives. Six years after leaving the small town where they grew up, the burden of a terrible secret leads Angela back. Harboring a secret of his own, John guides Angela to a shocking realization that will uncover the past. And they discover that true love, has no boundaries.

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