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Year: 2001
USA: Innovation Film Group
Cast: Jesus Nebot, Lindsay Price, Chelsea Rendon, Susan Haskell, Vernee Watson-Johnson, Robert Vestal, Paul Ganus, Joe Estevez, Kenya Moore, Ken Feinberg, Gina Bernstein, Raymond Forchion
Directors: Julia Montejo, Jesus Nebot
Countries: USA / Spain
USA: 98 mins
USA Rated: R for language
USA Release Date: 13 June 2003 (Limited Release - Los Angeles)


After losing his wife and house to Hurricane Mitch in Hondurus, Pablo (Jesus Nebot) illegally immigrates to the United States in an attempt to offer a better future to his five year-old daughter Cristina (Chelsea Rendon). A few months later it is Cristina's birthday, and Pablo borrows his boss' truck to surprise his daughter at school and take her to watch the movie Tarzan. On the way there, a dog jumps into his path, and Pablo quickly jerks the wheel. He loses complete control of the truck and a tragic accident occurs.

Wild thoughts frantically cross his mind - he has no license, is an illegal immigrant and had fatally injured a little girl. If he waits for the authorities to arrive, this accident could cost him what he values the most: his daughter and the betterment of her life.

He picks Cristina up from school, but his problems have just begun. Soid (Lindsay Price), a beautiful, mysterious and story-hungry journalist, manages to follow him and strike a deal. She will drive them to Mexico, on the condition that she videotapes their adventure. She convinces him that nobody will suspect him, if he is being filmed.

Near the border, Pablo changes his mind. Not willing to give up his dreams of a better life for his daughter, he decides that there is no turning back... They will head to Canada.

The little girl who was hit dies, and a frantic pursuit headed by a hard-nosed female detective (Vernee Watson-Johnson) takes place to bring the criminal to justice.

Scared and desperate, Cristina and Pablo alter their appearance and go underground. Emotionally caught between what he has done, and his love and care for Cristina, Pablo will do anything to make sure that his daughter doesn't become another victim of his tragic destiny.

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