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Year: 2007
USA: Paramount Pictures / DreamWorks Pictures
UK: Paramount Pictures UK
Cast: Eddie Murphy, Thandie Newton, Terry Crews, Clifton Powell, Lester "Rasta" Speight, Cuba Gooding, Jr, Eddie Griffin, Katt Williams, Floyd Levine, Anthony Russell, Pat Crawford Brown, Jeanette Miller, Michael Colyar, Marlon Wayans, Alexis Rhee, Khamani Griffin, Austin Reid, Lindsey Sims-Lewis, China Anderson, Kristen Schaal, Rob Huebel, Michael Vossler, Travis Vossler, Mason Knight, Jonathan Robinson, Yves Lola St Vil, Richard Gant, Susan Beaubian, John Gatins, Laura Ortiz, Miles Robbins, Charlie Murphy, Hayley Marie Norman, Sara Sanderson, Smith Cho, Esther Friedman, Lonnie L Henderson, Carmen Rojas, Marianne Muellerleile, Frank Langley IV, Donald Johnson, Greta Bommelje, Jesse Mendel, Kayren Wallace, Kendra McCulty, Amanda Sawyer, Cameron Ur, Lisa Marie Fernandez, Taylor Kennedy, Hakeem Washington, Fumi Desalu, Sammy B Wills, Shyann Shane Lee, Richard Corgiat, Marc De'Antone, Vince Micelli, Ollie Rasbury, Donald Bell, Ron Cole, Eurydice Davis, George Angelo, Anthony Vela, Virgil E Carter, Lauren Miller
Director: Brian Robbins
Country: USA
USA & UK: 101 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, some nudity and language
UK Certificate: 12A contains frequent moderate sex references and language
USA Release Date: 9 February 2007
UK Release Date: 9 March 2007

UK Distributor


Norbit Albert Rice (Eddie Murphy) is brought up by Mr Wong (Eddie Murphy) at the Golden Wonton Restaurant and Orphanage. There, Norbit meets his true soul mate, the lovely Kate (Thandie Newton) and the two become inseparable until Kate is adopted and leaves Norbit behind to begin her new life.

Now nine Norbit then meets Rasputia Latimore (Eddie Murphy), aged ten when she rescues him in the school playground from the taunts of three bullies. Norbit and Rasputia grow up together and when they marry Norbit becomes part of her family.

Rasputia and her three brothers - Big Jack (Terry Crews), Earl (Clifton Powell) and Blue (Lester "Rasta " Speight) - run the Latimore Construction Company where a meek and downtrodden Norbit is treated with contempt. and try to run the town of Boiling Springs, Tennessee extorting money from the local populace.

Out of the blue the beautiful Kate returns to Boiling Springs and Norbit's world undergoes a dramatic change. Kate has come back to buy the orphanage from the retiring Mr Wong. But she is being bamboozled. Her seemingly adoring fiance, Deion (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) turns out to be a phoney. He is secretly in cahoots with the conniving Latimores and they are planning to turn the orphanage into a strip club - The Nipplopolis.

But steadfast Norbit sees through their fašades and with a reawakening of his feelings for Kate, Norbit gains a newfound assertiveness. Will he finally stand up to the Latimores and save his true love from marrying the wrong guy?

In NORBIT, the King of Comedy is at it again. Eddie Murphy is Norbit. Eddie Murphy is Rasputia. Eddie Murphy is Mr. Wong. Murphy uses his extraordinary talents to bring these diverse and unforgettable characters to life in this boisterous, ribald comedy.

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