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Year: 1999
UK: Alliance Atlantis
Cast: Ewan McGregor, Susan Lynch, Peter McDonald, Vinnie McCabe, Kate O'Toole
Director: Pat Murphy
UK: 106 mins
UK Certificate: 15 for occasional moderate sex and some strong language
UK Release Date: 19 May 2000


During the summer of 1904 in Dublin, Ireland, James Joyce one of last century?s greatest modern writers, was a young man trying to establish himself as a writer. Here he met Nora Barnacle who had recently moved to Dublin from Galway and found work as a chambermaid in a hotel there. Joyce fell in love with Nora immediately and in the autumn of that year they left Dublin to travel in Europe. In spring 1905 they had settled in Trieste. During the next 10 years the ups and downs of their relationship and their children are explored by director Pat Murphy in this movie.

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