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Year: 2002
USA: TLA Releasing
UK: Guerilla Films
Cast: Glen Mulhern, Brendan Mackey, Simon Godley, Steven Berkoff, Raymond Griffiths, Fish, Karen Sharman, Vas Blackwood, Michael Praed, Carol Decker, Adrian Bouchet Leon Herbert, Abdala Keserwani, Steven Woodhouse
Director: Lab Ky Mo
Country: UK
USA & UK: 83 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong sexual references and language
USA Release Date: 17 October 2003 (Limited Release - New York)
UK Release Date: 19 September 2003
US Distributor


Warning: This film contains scenes of a controversial nature, political correctness is undetectable, bad taste and silliness are bountiful...those of a sensitive disposition beware...

NINE DEAD GAY GUYS is the story of two unlikely lads from Belfast stumbling through London's underground gay scene in search of gainful employment to subsidise their giros.

Our protagonists build up an unusual clientele, offering their services to the homosexual misfits who just can't get laid. When one of the lads witnesses the death of a punter, they are forced to look for 'work' elsewhere which leads them to discover the myth of 'The Bread in the Bed' - a bed packed full with money that can only be accessed by the man who has what it takes to pass the mysterious 'Really Hard Red Bull Test'. NINE DEAD GAY GUYS is the hilarious, outrageous but unfortunate result of the ensuing caper.

NINE DEAD GAY GUYS is a feature film debut from Lab Ky Mo, winner of the Carl Foreman Screenwriting Fellowship to California, in conjunction with BAFTA.

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