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Year: 2003
UK: Feature Film / Content Film
Cast: Dennis Hopper, Melanie Griffith, Portia de Rossi, Joel Edgerton, Rose Byrne, David Hemmings, David Field, Victoria Thaine, Stephen O'Rourke, Nicholas Hope, George Vidalis, Peter Demlakian, Tony Barry, Vincent Ball, Jennifer Hagan, Keith Robinson, Nicholas Papademetriou, Lena Cruz, Alex Babic, James Garcia, Stephen Curry, Gary Eck, Mark McCann, Andrew Blaxland, Robert Carlton, Marcia Neal, John Simeon, Marcia Hines, Tony Harvey, Michelle Collins, Simon Bull, Stephen Holt, Sean Lynch, Andrew Johnston, Hamish McDonald, Peter Callan, Pam Morrissey, Abe Forsythe, Pouli Teaupa, Paea Kaifoto, Richard Williams, Max Fairchild, Adam Libke, Brett Sorrell, Tom Budge, Paul McDermott, Richard Thorpe, Tom Burlinson
Director: Paul Goldman
Countries: Australia / USA
UK: 96 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and sex references
UK Release Date: 13 January 2006
UK Distributor


THE NIGHT WE CALLED IT A DAY is a comedy based on the true story of Frank Sinatra's uproarious visit to Sydney in 1974. The local press hound him and in true Sinatra style he retaliates, calling the press 'fags and hookers' at his opening concert.

The Australian trade unions then blackball Frank, trapping him in his hotel room - no water, room service etc, and no fuel for his Lear jet to get him back home - until he apologises. But there are two things Frank never does, 'yawn in the presence of the woman he loves...and say sorry'.

Frank Sinatra's comeback trip 'down-under' made headlines around the world. Even US President Nixon commented that he wished the saga would continue to keep him off the front page during Watergate!

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