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Year: 1999
UK: Artificial Eye Film
Cast: Adolfo Assor, Thomas Baumann, Isa Hochgerner, Verena Jasch, Wolfgang Michael, Urs Remond
Director: Fred Kelemen
Countries: Portugal / Germany
Language: German (English subtitles)
UK: 146 mins
USA Rated: R for violence
UK Certificate: 18 for infrequent strong sex, sexual violence, language, drugs use and theme
UK Release Date: 29 September 2000


NIGHTFALL follows the story of a couple who are having difficulties in their relationship. The boyfriend (Wolgang Michael), unemployed and bored with everything, makes life so depressing, it gets too much for his partner (Verena Jasch) and they go their separate ways for a night. They encounter people leading very bleak, weird existences on the edge of society that most don't to venture into.

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