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Year: 2000
USA: Avatar Films
UK: Parasol Peccadillo Releasing
Cast: Fernando Ramallo, Jordi Vilches, Marieta Orozco, Esther Nubiola, Chisco Amado, Ana Gracia, Myriam Mezieres
Director: Cesc Gay
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)
USA: 90 mins
UK: 94 mins
USA Rated: Not Rated
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language, sex, sexual references and drugs use
USA Release Date: 16 February 2001 (Limited Release - Sacramento)
USA Release Date: 9 February 2001 (Limited Release - Los Angeles and Berkeley)
USA Release Date: 6 February 2001 (Limited Release - New York and San Francisco)
UK Release Date: 3 October 2003 (Limited Release)


NICO AND DANI aka KRaMPACK is a rites of passage movie with a twist set against the idyllic backdrop of Sitges, Spain. Nico (Jordi Vilches) arrives at Dani's (Fernando Ramallo) for part of the summer . Dani's parents are away. Nico's summer task is to lose his virginity. Dani is keen to lend a helping hand. Dani's plans are waylaid when Nico catches the eye of Elena and her cousin Bertha. Nico wants to go to the beach with the girls, cook them dinner and make love to at least one of them.

The film explores the sexual and emotional confusion of two boys who have always shared everything and are now about to be pulled apart because of their diverging sexual identities. Sunshine, sangria and seventeen year-olds make for a comical, engaging and touching film and was the winner of the Prix de Jeunesse at Cannes 2000.

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