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Year: 2004
USA & UK: Warner Bros Pictures
Cast: Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Eugene Levy, Andy Richter, Riley Smith, Jared Padalecki, Dr Drew Pinsky, Darrell Hammond, Andrea Martin, Alannah Ong, Mary Bond Davis, Bob Saget, Jack Osbourne, Joey Klein, Neil Crone, Jonathan Wilson, Boyd Banks, Silver Kim, Conrad Bergschneider, Robert Williams, Domenic Cuzzocrea, Suresh John, Kent Staines, Jon Benjamin, Frank Bonsangue, Jo Chim, Lindsay Leese, Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Comeau, Sebastien Lefebvre, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Alison Northcott, Balazs Koós, Trip Phoenix, Philip Drube, Kenny Robinson, Todd William Schroeder, Colin Penson, Damon D'Oliveira, Eric Woolfe, Warren Belle, Arnold Pinnock, Tasha Ricketts, Stephanie Samuels, Marsha Williams, Wendy Adeliyi, Donna-Marie Christie, Jamila Fleming, Shakira Harper, Lurline Lucas, Faustina Owusu-Ansah, John Hemphill, Kathy Laskey, Garen Boyajian, Jazz Mann, Maggie Butterfield, Gala, Krissy, Frank Welker
Director: Dennie Gordon
Country: USA
UK: 91 mins
USA Rated: PG for mild sensuality and thematic elements
UK Certificate: PG contains mild violence
USA Release Date: 7 May 2004
UK Release Date: 30 July 2004


In the tradition of FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, the action comedy NEW YORK MINUTE follows one monumental day in the lives of 17 year-old sisters Jane and Roxanne Ryan, adversaries who begrudgingly journey together from their Long Island home to New York City, where meticulously prepared overachiever Jane (Ashley Olsen) is due to deliver a speech to qualify for a prestigious college scholarship abroad. Meanwhile, laid-back punk rock rebel Roxy (Mary-Kate Olsen) hopes to get backstage at an underground music video shoot and slip her demo tape to the band. But Roxy's and Jane's plans go wildly awry when a mix-up involving Jane's precious day planner lands them in the middle of a shady black market transaction. Pursued by an overzealous truant officer (Eugene Levy) and accused of kidnapping a Senator's dog, the Ryans must find a way to work together to thwart the forces threatening to jeopardize Jane's college dreams and ship Roxy off to a convent school.

Joining the cast of New York Minute are Andy Richter (BIG TROUBLE) as a limousine driver with a sinister agenda; Darrell Hammond (SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE) as a business executive who has comedic encounters with Roxy and Jane on their way to the city; Andrea Martin (MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING) as Anne Baxter-Lipton, a high-powered Senator determined to recover her dog; Jared Padalecki (GILMORE GIRLS) as Trey, Senator Baxter-Lipton's bad-boy son who becomes Roxy and Jane's unexpected ally; Riley Smith (RAISING DAD) as a charismatic bike messenger who gets swept up in the turmoil of the day; Mary Bond Davis (BROADWAY'S HAIRSPRAY) as beautician Big Shirl, who helps a disheveled and distraught Jane prepare for her speech; and radio personality Dr. Drew (LOVELINE TV series), who makes his feature film debut as Roxy and Jane's father.

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