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Year: 2005
UK: New Town Films
Cast: Elliott Jordan, Nathan Thomas, Katherine Peachey, Richard Gooch, Kal Aise, Paul McNeilly, Steve Gibbs, Terry Bird, Jamie Palmer, Laura Pennycard, Lynn Verral, 'Vic' Vigna Rajah, Nick Campbell, Barry McNicoll, Helen Keating, Martin Smith, J C Mac, Jason Ford, Neil Collie,Grace Daynes, Steve 'Pieman' Miller, Lucy Betteridge, BurgerVan Cook Eddie
Director: Jason Ford
Country: UK
UK: 88 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language, and moderate sex and violence
UK Release Date: 15 April 2005
UK Distributor


There's a sickness on the high street of 21st century Britain. At first glance it's barely noticeable, but spend an afternoon in the malls and boozers of our towns and the simmering cocktail of depression, anger and resentment is clearly palpable.

No one quite knows why it is that these places tend to implode on themselves but let's face it, sometimes there's no time for a lesson in psychology when the local hard case is breathing down your neck.

And for 23 year-old Mick (Elliott Jordan), the daily grind of his New Town existence is fast becoming a mental battlefield in which he fights demons. Stricken by neurosis and panic attacks he resorts to the doctor for a solution.

Ten minutes later, he's walking out of the surgery with a prescription for Prozac and the grim awareness that this time he really may be destined to nothing more than a nine to five and the usual Saturday morning hangover.

But all that changes after a night out with the lads and a one night stand with a girl who comes with more baggage than Heathrow airport: she's dating the local nutter Si Naylor. Now the fun really begins...

NEW TOWN ORIGINAL is the stunning new film from three Essex boys who've succeeded in capturing the unglamorous world of young people who can still see the stars amongst the gaps in the tower blocks.

Featuring some of the most exciting up an coming acting talent and with an infectious soundtrack, NEW TOWN ORIGINAL is a brooding picture which throws the spotlight on young lives lived out in the urban sprawl of Britain.

Take a DJ, an electrician and a pub quiz show host and, perhaps, the most you might expect would be a night down at the local with a few Robbie tunes and quite a nice line in lighting technique thrown in. Wrong. Not only have these childhood pals written, produced and directed this independent British movie, but they've also financed and cast all their work.

New Town Films are Terry Bird, Jamie Palmer and Jason Ford.

Filmed on location in Basildon, Essex and the south-east of England.

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