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Year: 2001
USA: USA Films
Cast: Jeffrey Tambor, Jill Clayburgh, Bill Duke, Caroline Aaron, Eric Axen, Michael McKean, Sandy Duncan, David Bailey, Tom Cappadona, Peter Dinklage, Dan'l Linehan, Dolores McDougal, Abigail Morgan, Kasia Ostlun, Lily Rabe, Charlie Schroeder, Bill Weeden
Director: Eric Schaeffer
Country: USA
USA Rated: R for strong sexual content including graphic dialogue, and for language
USA Release Date: 12 July 2002 (Limited Release - Los Angeles and New York)


A movie for adults - with a sense of humor. Independent filmmaker Eric Schaeffer's romantic comedy takes a ribald yet compassionate look at two lovelorn fifty-something New Yorkers. Christopher (Jeffrey Tambor) is an exterminator-cum-jazz musician who, after years of one-night stands, begins to question his sexual orientation. Grace (Jill Clayburgh) is a divorcee looking to jump-start her life again. When a blind date for Grace goes bad, she ducks into a gay bar - and meets Christopher. The circumstances are so wrong that the two are immediately drawn to each other.

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