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Year: 2010
USA: Universal Pictures
UK: Universal Pictures International (UK)
Cast: Emma Thompson, Ralph Fiennes, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Maggie Smith, Rhys Ifans, Asa Butterfield, Daniel Mays, Bill Bailey, Nonso Anozie, Katy Brand, Sam Kelly, Eros Vlahos, Rosie Taylor-Ritson, Oscar Steer, Lil Woods
Director: Susanna White
Country: UK / France / USA
USA & UK: 109 mins
USA Rated: PG for rude humor, some language and mild thematic elements
UK Certificate: U contains no material likely to offend or harm
USA Release Date: 20 August 2010
UK Release Date: 26 March 2010


In NANNY McPHEE & THE BIG BANG Oscar®-winning actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson returns to the role of the magical nanny who appears when she's needed the most and wanted the least in the next chapter of the hilarious and heartwarming fable that has enchanted children around the world.

Mrs Green is at the end of her rope. Her three children - Norman, Megsie and Vincent - are constantly fighting with each other, her husband Rory is away at war and hasn't been heard from in months, her brother-in-law Phil is pressuring her to sell him Rory's half of the family farm, and her employer, Mrs Docherty, is beginning to behave very oddly indeed. On top of all that, her posh niece and nephew, Celia and Cyril Gray, are being sent to the farm from London for an unlimited stay, and the village warden, Mr Docherty, keeps warning her that bombs could accidentally fall out of the sky at any moment. It's all too much for Mrs Green. She doesn't know it yet, but the person she needs is Nanny McPhee.

In the latest instalment, Nanny McPhee appears at the door of a harried young mother, Mrs. Isabel Green (Maggie Gyllenhaal), who is trying to run the family farm while her husband is away at war. But once she's arrived, Nanny McPhee discovers that Mrs. Green's children are fighting a war of their own against two spoiled city cousins who have just moved in and refuse to leave.

Relying on everything from a flying motorcycle and a statue that comes to life to a tree-climbing piglet and a baby elephant who turns up in the oddest places, Nanny McPhee uses her magic to teach her mischievous charges five new lessons.

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