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Year: 2006
USA & UK: Twentieth Century Fox
Cast: Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson, Anna Faris, Rainn Wilson, Eddie Izzard, Stelio Savante, Mike Iorio, Mark Consuelos, Wanda Sykes, Margaret Anne Florence, Eva Veronika, Lawrence Feeney, Lou Bonacki, Jeff Norris, Greg Northrop, Catherine Reitman, Fallon Brooking, Richard Kenneth Brevard Jr, Ron Moreno, Peter Patrikios Santos, Tara L Thompson, Kevin Townley, Lillian Lynn, Traver Rains, Richie Rich, Emily Girvin, Abraham Sparrow, Clem Cheung, Clint Chin, Angel Sing, Ben Wang, Tara Digiore, Tiffany Haupt
Director: Ivan Reitman
Country: USA
USA: 95 mins
UK: 96 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for sexual content, crude humor, language and brief nudity
UK Certificate: 12A contains moderate sex references and language
USA Release Date: 21 July 2006
UK Release Date: 4 August 2006


Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes it can be downright dangerous. In the Ivan Reitman comedy MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND, written by Don Payne, Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) thinks he's finally found the perfect girlfriend, the beautiful Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman) - who just happens to be the superhero, G-Girl. When Jenny/G-Girl becomes overly possessive, Matt wants to call it quits... but how do you break up with a woman who can fly, lift, cars, and burn holes through steel with her thermal vision? A scorned woman, Jenny/G-Girl unleashes the full fury of her super-powered wrath as she tries to bust up Matt's new romance with his co-worker Hannah Lewis (Anna Faris).

Matt broke Jenny's heart. Now, she's about to break everything of his.

Ivan Reitman is one of the most successful comedy filmmakers of all time. His numerous directorial credits include GHOSTBUSTERS, STRIPES, MEATBALLS and GHOSTBUSTERS 2. In addition, he produced or executive produced hits such as OLD SCHOOL, ROAD TRIP, PRIVATE PARTS and ANIMAL HOUSE. For his latest film, Reitman was looking for a fresh take on the genre.

Reitman found the kind of novel idea he was searching for in an original screenplay by Don Payne, a long time writer/co-executive producer on the THE SIMPSONS. Payne's script, called MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND, changed up the classic comedy template: the "boy" falls for a "girl" whom he discovers is a superhero. Taking the idea even further, Payne made his super-heroine neurotic, needy and clingy - the nightmare trifecta of romance.

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