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Year: 2002
UK: Momentum Pictures
Cast: Jennifer Sky, Stephen O'Reilly, Laura Regan, Sean C W Johnson, Kris Lemche, Bradley Cooper, Nick Mennell
Director: Marc Evans
Countries: UK / USA / France
UK: 95 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong language, violence and sex
UK Release Date: 4 October 2002


Five young people apply to live in an isolated house together for six months whilst their every move is filmed by numerous cameras. Each has their reason for wanting to be there - fame, money and adventure. The prize is $1 million. The rules - if one person leaves, everyone loses. It becomes the ultimate morality test. When Danny's (Stephen O'Reilly) beloved grandfather dies, does his greed overcome his love? When the skittish Emma (Laura Regan) finds blood on her pillow why does she still stay behind? And what dark secret does the house harbour that leaves them feeling as though they're being watched by more than just a million pairs of eyes?

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