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Year: 2009
UK: Paramount Pictures UK
Cast: Brendan Patricks, Naomie Harris, Kelly Adams, Jane March, Cecile Cassel, Edith Bukovics, Michael Sheen, Mark Benton, Johnny Ball, Michael Douglas, Daniel Hoffmann-Gill, Chris Gascoyne, Brendan O'Hea, Steve Ryde, Ian Kirkby
Director: Julian Kemp
Country: UK
UK: 87 mins
UK Certificate: 12A contains infrequent strong language
UK Release Date: 19 March 2010

UK Distributor


Devastated when his latest relationship hits the rocks, Duncan Anderson is on the brink of giving it all up. In a final attempt to find out where it all went wrong (and right) Duncan audits his last five girlfriends and the journey he takes is poignant, funny and at times, deeply bizarre.

Over the last two years Duncan has seen and tried it all; moulding himself into what he thinks is the perfect boyfriend, pretending not to care about ex-boyfriends that haven't quite disappeared and letting go of his British reserve in the hope of becoming more appealing. He's disastrously attempted to give fashion advice, put up with reckless driving and created a secret language. He's even had the courage to take the ultimate risk, saying the three little words...No matter what he tried, Duncan always ended up alone...but that's all about to change.

Based on Alain De Botton's international bestselling novel published in over 60 countries 'Essays in Love'; MY LAST FIVE GIRLFRIENDS is a unique and extraordinary story about love and our addiction to it.

The girlfriends

Girlfriend #1 Wendy (Kelly Adams)
Duncan meets Wendy on a plane and there is an immediate connection, although a blurted admission (regretted even as the words leave his mouth) that he once collected airline sick bags could have stopped the romance before it began. Duncan believes that connection has been growing stronger until he realises Wendy thinks very differently.

Girlfriend #2 Olive (Jane March)
With Olive, Duncan tries a new strategy; he will become exactly the person he thinks she wants. A long forgotten chocolate allergy ends one of their dates in a spectacular fashion.

Girlfriend #3 Rhona (Cecile Cassel)
A pair of red boots looms large in this rollercoaster of a relationship. Duncan breaks the cardinal unwritten boyfriend rule, by criticising Rhona's new pair of shoes that she specially bought for a party.

Girlfriend #4 Natalie (Edith Bukovics)
The relationship you have when you're not really having a relationship. Duncan's heart isn't really in it and even Natalie's first love, a toy elephant called Guppy knows too.

Girlfriend #5 Gemma (Naomi Harris)
At last! Duncan believes he's finally met THE ONE. For him, Gemma embodies perfection. Beautiful, smart and vivacious, Gemma seems to be the girl of his dreams.
But cracks begin to appear and Duncan is faced with the heartbreaking truth.

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