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Year: 2003
USA: Slow Hand
Cast: Brian Herzlinger, John Mann, Lily Rains
Directors: Jon Gunn, Brian Herzlinger, Brett Winn
Country: USA
USA: 90 mins
USA Rated: PG for mild thematic elements and language
USA Release Date: 5 August 2005 (Limited Release)


"If you don't take risks, you'll have a wasted soul." - Drew Barrymore

Ever since the second grade when he first saw her in E.T. THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL, Brian Herzlinger has had a crush on Drew Barrymore. Now, 20 years later he's decided to try to fulfill his lifelong dream by asking her for a date. There's one small problem: She's Drew Barrymore and he's, well, Brian Herzlinger, a broke 27 year-old aspiring filmmaker from New Jersey. But that doesn't stop Brian and his film school pals from doing everything they can think of to convince Barrymore to go out with him - and documenting their quest along the way.

Equipped with a video camera they have to return to Circuit City in 30 days and the $1,100 Brian won on a game show (where the winning answer was, prophetically, "Drew Barrymore"), they've got one month to accomplish their mission. To succeed, they'll need to negotiate an army of publicists, agents, producers and assistants who surround the star so Brian can pop the question. MY DATE WITH DREW is the award-winning, inspirational story of an ordinary guy who, despite incredibly long odds, puts everything on the line to pursue his lifelong dream. It's also an astute and often hilarious look at contemporary dating rituals, the culture of celebrity and the power of passion.

Winner of the Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the HBO Comedy Arts Festival; the Best Documentary Award at the Vail Film Festival; and the Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the New York Gen Art Film Festival, MY DATE WITH DREW also swept the 8th Annual Sonoma Valley Film Festival, bringing home the Audience Award for Best Lounge Feature, the Grand Jury Award for Best Feature Film, and the Geller/Devonport Award for Best First Time Feature.

A Drew Crew LLC Production, My Date with Drew is directed, produced and edited by Brian Herzlinger, Jon Gunn and Brett Winn and produced by Kerry David. Original Song is written and performed by Tony DeSare. Original music is composed by Stuart Hart and Steven M. Stern. The music supervisor is Joe Fischer.

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