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Year: 2001
UK: FilmFour
Cast: Jenna Harrison, Ben Whishaw, Honeysuckle Weeks, Michael Erskine, Adrian Rawlins, Judith Scott, Michael Tucek, Michael Power, Daniel Bliss, Adam Paul Harvey, Craig Vye, Richard Hope, Emily Barrett, Patrick Godfrey, Jonathan Hackett, Peter England, Elliott Tiney, Rosalind Whelan, Glen Berry, Ian Thompson
Director: Dom Rotheroe
Country: UK
UK: 111 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains sexual abuse theme, strong language and nudity
UK Release Date: 16 November 2001 (Limited Release - London, West End)


When Tom (Ben Whishaw) comes crashing into Jessica's (Jenna Harrison) life from the boughs of a burning tree, she is both alarmed and intrigued by his dark nature. The woods are Tom's sanctuary from his distressing home life and they become the world where he and Jessica form a bond which is both powerful and uncompromising.

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