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Year: 2007
USA: First Independent Pictures
Cast: Rutger Hauer, Jon Heder, Ben Gourley, Mila Kunis, Hubbel Palmer, Billy Drago, Peter Jason, Cathrine Grace, Patrika Darbo, Joe Unger, Mary Pat Gleason, William Mapother, Zack Ward, Tomek Debowski, Maclain Nelson, Whit Hertford, Lucila Sola, Allyson Everitt, Tennay Evans, Yolanda Wood, Joey Miyashima, Ming-Tzang Hong, Chandler Wakefield, Buck Huntington, Ashley Munns, Keri Hatfield, Michael Christian, Jason Mccloney, William "Bus" Riley, Mark Noakes
Director: Andrew Black
Country: USA
USA: 89 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for some drug content, sexual references and crude humor
USA Release Date: 14 September 2007 (Limited Release)


Rick Robinson (Ben Gourley) has recently taken an intern position at a prestigious Miami law firm but has dreams of becoming a partner one day. Eager to impress, he agrees to help the firm's top lawyer, Maxwell McAllister (Rutger Hauer), with a favor he really cannot afford. Just five days before the bar exam, Rick finds himself in charge of moving McAllister's dearest possession of all across the country: his seductive, yet untouchable niece Michelle (Mila Kunis, THAT 70'S SHOW, FAMILY GUY). In a less than perfect moving van, the mismatched pair begins their cross-country journey.

Soon after the journey begins, they meet hitchhiker Orlick Prescott Hope (Jon Heder, BLADES OF GLORY). On the way they come across numerous obstacles and unforgettable characters, slowing down their journey much to Rick's dismay. However, through this unique experience, Rick begins to see that there's more to life than becoming a successful lawyer. In the vain of PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES meets ROAD TRIP, MOVING McALLISTER is an on-the-road comedy that delivers great teen and family appeal.

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