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Year: 2011
USA & UK: Twentieth Century Fox
Cast: Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, Katie Cassidy, Cory Monteith, Andie MacDowell, Catherine Tate, Pierre Boulanger, Luke Bracey, Brett Cullen, Valerie Lemercier, Amanda Fairbank-Hynes, Joe Camp Iii, Luke Bracey, Franck De La Personne, Mate Haumann, Istvan Goz, Attila arpa, Joel Lefrancois, Virag Barany, Christophe Malavoy, Giulio Berruti, Bruno Abraham-Kremer, Romain Cottard
Director: Thomas Bezucha
Country: USA
USA & UK: 109 mins
USA Rated: PG for brief mild language
UK Certificate: PG contains mild language
USA Release Date: 1 July 2011
UK Release Date: 21 October 2011


"She's having the time of someone else's life."

Three graduates realize their dreams of vacationing in Paris when they accidentally find themselves in a lavish world, where they live like royalty and experience romance. But at the end of their journey, they discover the true magic of friendship.

Grace (Selena Gomez) is an ordinary girl who quite by chance becomes a princess when a family summer trip to Paris turns into the dream of a lifetime. Living like royalty, Grace, along with her two best friends, discovers who she really is, by assuming another person's identity.

Freshly minted high school grad Grace (Selena Gomez) and best friend Emma (Katie Cassidy) are ending their waitress jobs in Texas to go on a trip to Paris. But Grace's killjoy stepsister Meg (Leighton Meester) is involuntarily installed as chaperone by Grace's mother (Andie MacDowell) and soon-to-be stepfather (Brett Cullen).

In the meantime, Emma's boyfriend, Owen (Cory Monteith), is trying to put the kibosh on the trip altogether hoping his proposal that's back up with a ring will win her over. However, Grace and Emma will not be deterred and soon enough, the two friends, with Megan in tow, arrive in France.

But luck is on their side and their fortunes change after Grace is mistaken for British socialite Cordelia Winthrop Scott. When the girls accidentally take possession of Cordelia's invitation to a ritzy charity ball in Monte Carlo, they seize the moment, indeed, the entire week, by ditching their hopeless packaged tour, and heading south.

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