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Year: 2003
USA: Columbia Pictures
UK: Columbia TriStar Films (UK)
Cast: Tommy Lee Jones, Cate Blanchett, Evan Rachel Wood, Jenna Boyd, Val Kilmer, Eric Schweig, Simon Baker, Sergio Calderón, Heather Gulas, Scarlett McAlister, Aura Jensen Curtis, Shelby Kocurek, Molly McAlister, Aaron Eckhart, Alexandra Elich, Josephine Schwan, Clint Howard, Ray McKinnon, Elisabeth Moss, Jay Tavare, Eddie J Fernandez, Yolanda Nez, David Midthunder, Rance Howard, Arron Shiver
Director: Ron Howard
Country: USA
USA: 130 mins
UK: 137 mins
USA Rated: R for violence
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong violence
USA Release Date: 26 November 2003
UK Release Date: 27 February 2004


From Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, the Oscar®-winning director-producer team of A BEAUTIFUL MIND comes THE MISSING, an action-filled suspense thriller and a powerful drama of love, forgiveness and redemption starring Tommy Lee Jones and Cate Blanchett.

Set in the starkly beautiful but isolated and lawless wilderness of the American Southwest in 1885, THE MISSING tells the story of Maggie Gilkeson (Cate Blanchett) and her estranged father Jones (Tommy Lee Jones) and how they are reunited by a terrifying crisis.

Maggie is a hard-working young woman devoted to raising her two young daughters, the teenage Lilly (Evan Rachel Wood) and the younger Dot (Jenna Boyd). To support herself, Maggie works the land and provides services as a healer. One day, Maggie's father, Jones, who abandoned her when she was a child and spent 20 years with the Apache people, returns to reunite with his family but is rebuffed by his daughter. It is only after Lilly is abducted by Pesh-Chidin (Eric Schweig), a psychopathic killer with mystical powers, that Maggie turns to her father for help in getting her daughter back.

The killer and his renegade crew of desperados are terrorizing the desolate territory, kidnapping teenage girls to sell into slavery in Mexico and leaving a trail of death and horror behind them. In a tense race against time, Maggie and Jones struggle to overcome their differences and establish a bond of trust as they try to reach the abductors before they cross the Mexican border and Lilly is lost to them forever.

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